Doo Group is excited to announce that we have successfully concluded our first anniversary of our partnership with Manchester United. To commemorate this significant milestone, and to continue a flourishing new chapter together, Doo Group and Manchester United met up to have a meaningful dialogue together. Through sincere conversation, both parties acknowledged the significance of this partnership. 

In this 18-month partnership, Doo Group and Manchester United have formed a reciprocal relationship through common values, namely trust and care, teamwork and work ethic, as well as placing focus on the people and community.  

Doo Group Partnership Management Manager, Alex Wu, shared his thoughts and experiences on the collaboration with Manchester United in this interview. Through this, we will be able to understand the highlights and future prospects of this partnership. 

Read below for exclusive insights and what’s next for this global partnership. 

(1) How was the first year of partnership between Doo Group and Manchester United? 

This was a meaningful year for both parties. As we are moving towards our 10th anniversary, Doo Group is thrilled to have further elevated our partnership with one of the world’s most successful football clubs, Manchester United. This landmark partnership not only signifies the new chapter of our company but also opens up a collaboration where both parties obtain a win-win result. Together, we will forge a glorious new era.  

In the past year, we leveraged Manchester United’s global influence, expanded the presence of Doo Group and its businesses to more regions, and elevated the recognition of our brand. We are excited to have supported Manchester United in winning two trophies during the period in which we have been a partner of the club. This collaboration is no doubt a partnership where mutual benefits were fostered, and we have successfully unfolded the new journey of our partnership. 

(2) Looking forward, what do you expect in this new partnership year? 

We hope that more people can recognize and trust the brands of Doo Group and Doo Financial to demonstrate their excellent services and quality products. We remain committed to letting more people experience our group’s world-class services and products. Together, we will work together with Manchester United to write a spectacular chapter in our partnership and create more memorable and stunning moments to remember.   

(3) From your perspective, what are the key factors that forge the in-depth collaboration between Manchester United and Doo Group? 

The foremost is the high compatibility of the businesses and visions of both parties. Doo Group’s dedication to becoming the industry leader and world-class business greatly resonates with Manchester United’s fearless determination to succeed.

Manchester United is our role model, and we have gained inspiration from their professional partnership and commercial successes. Furthermore, the red “DNA” has naturally become the link between us, and this signifies a marvelous future together. 

(4) Could you share some memorable highlights that left an impression during the first year of the partnership? 

This is a hard one. There are too many memorable moments. It may be the “Coming to Light” event that happened in May 2023. The event marked the perfect opening of our partnership. We were honored to have met with Sir Alex Ferguson at the event.  

Other than that, it would be the 10th Anniversary Gala Dinner in Hong Kong that happened on March this year. The arrival of Manchester United legend Andy Cole was the highlight of the event. This has raised the expectations of the distinguished guests present at the event about the partnership between Doo Group and Manchester United to forge more glories together in the future. 

As we move towards a new journey in this partnership, we will continue to work closely with Manchester United towards a brighter future together!