Doo Group subsidiary brand, Doo Financial HK Limited (Doo Financial), successfully held its Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX) ETF listing ceremony on 19th June, marking a significant milestone in its development journey. This event not only symbolizes a major achievement for Doo Financial but also sets the stage for the entire group’s future growth and expansion in the Hong Kong market.   

In this remarkable event, we proudly unveiled the successful listing of our newest ETF products on HKEX:  

(1) Doo Wealth Selected Web3 ETF (3426.HK)   

(2) Doo Wealth Selected AI and Automation Active ETF (3413.HK) 

(3) Doo Wealth Selected Digital Payments ETF (3412.HK) 

The listing ceremony was a momentous and joyous celebration, marking our unwavering commitment to future growth and innovation. With the debut of these three new ETF products, Doo Financial has offered a diverse array of investment opportunities tailored to the modern financial landscape.   

Hong Kong Market Environment Boosts ETF Industry Development   

The event began with a speech delivered by Mr. Trevor Lee, Senior Director of the Investment Products Division at the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC), and Windson Chan, Founder and CEO of Doo Group.   

Windson Chan emphasized “Hong Kong as a global financial hub, has a comprehensive regulatory framework supported by the government which not only enhances investor confidence but also makes it an ideal place for ETF development.”   

Grateful for Hong Kong Financial Regulatory Support, Advancing Together into a New Milestone   

As Doo Financial embarks on this exciting new milestone, we sincerely appreciate the invaluable support from the Investment Products team of the Securities and Futures Commission (SFC) and the representatives of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEX).   

At the same time, a robust development environment has been created with the stable governance of the Hong Kong government, which has successfully fostered a robust environment for development. This environment has facilitated our entry into the investment market and enabled us to offer a broader and more diverse range of choices to investors.   

Firm Determination in Development, Pioneering a New Investment Landscape   

Doo Financial, leveraging the diversified ecosystem and strong resources of its parent company Doo Group, held a ceremony for the listing of its flagship products. This marks the beginning of Doo Financials’ journey into the ETF market, a pivotal moment that not only signifies a new beginning but also a significant step towards redefining investment models. It underscores Doo Financials’ firm commitment to innovation and aligns deeply with its development vision, offering various investment opportunities for our clients in both the Hong Kong local and international markets.   

As market demand continues to grow, Doo Group actively expands its business scope, striving to create a seamlessly integrated business ecosystem. This includes Brokerage, Wealth Mangement, Property, Payment & Exchange, FinTech, Financial Education, Health Care, Consulting, Cloud, and Digital Marketing. These ten major business areas enable us to provide diverse high-quality services and solutions to customers worldwide, empowering them to achieve a better life.   

With steadfast determination, Doo Financial advances with this ETF listing initiative, marking a milestone and embarking on a new journey in the investment landscape of Hong Kong and beyond.  

Important Information 

Doo HK ETF Series OFC  

  • Doo Wealth Selected Web3 ETF, Doo Wealth Selected AI and Automation Active ETF, Doo Wealth Selected Digital Payments ETF are sub-funds (each a “Sub-Fund” and collectively the “Sub-Funds”) of Doo HK ETF Series OFC (the “Fund”), which is a public umbrella open-ended fund company established under Hong Kong law with variable capital with limited liability and segregated liability between the Sub-Funds. 
  • The Sub-Funds are actively managed exchange traded funds (“ETFs”) and traded on The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “SEHK”).  The Sub-Funds employ an actively managed investment strategy and do not seek to track any index or benchmark.      
  • The Sub-Funds are subject to trading risks that their shares may trade at a substantial premium or discount to the net asset value (“NAV”) of the Sub-Funds.  They are also subject to trading time difference risks due to the different trading hours of SEHK and other stock exchanges on which the underlying securities of the Sub-Funds are listed.   
  • Each Sub-Fund is subject to sector concentration risk as described below and the performance of the Sub-Funds may be more volatile than that of a fund having a more diverse portfolio of investments. 
  • The Sub-Funds are also subject to currency risk, equity market risk, risks associated with small and mid-capitalisation companies, emerging markets and ADRs and GDRs, early termination risk and reliance on market maker risks. 
  • The Manager may, at its discretion, pay distributions out of capital or effectively out of capital.  This amounts to a return or withdrawal of part of an investor’s original investment or from any capital gains attributable to that original investment.  Any such distributions may result in an immediate reduction in the NAV per share of the Sub-Funds. 
  • Doo Wealth Selected Web3 ETF: The Sub-Fund invests primarily in companies which engage in activities relating to Web31 business.  Such investments are subject to risks associated with competing platforms and technologies risk, blockchain technology risk, security risk, cyberattack risk, intellectual property risk, governmental intervention risk, regulatory risk, significant capital investment risk, limited operating history risk, reliance on cryptocurrency risk and risks associated with other sectors and themes. 
  • Doo Wealth Selected AI and Automation Active ETF: The Sub-Fund invests primarily in companies which focus on artificial intelligence (“AI”) and automation business.  Such investments are subject to risks associated with small or limited markets for such securities, changes in business cycles, world economic growth, technological progress, rapid obsolescence, government regulation/intervention, heavy spending on research and development and reliance on relationship with technology partners.   
  • Doo Wealth Selected Digital Payments ETF: The Sub-Fund invests primarily in companies which are directly or indirectly involved in the provision of digital payment products and/or services.  Such investments are subject to risks associated with intense competition, regulatory constraints, cybersecurity and privacy.  Companies in the sector may have a relatively short operating history and are subject to rapid changes and the risks associated with intellectual property rights and financial sector. 

Investment involves risks and your investment in the Sub-Funds may suffer losses. Please read the offering documents of the Sub-Funds for further details including the risk factors. 

This document is issued by Doo Financial HK Limited. It has not been reviewed by the SFC. 

1 “Web3” refers to an evolution in the core architecture of the internet that leverages blockchain technology to make the internet more decentralized, secure, open, and oriented around individuals, as opposed to centralized platforms.